Summer Foodie: Welcome!

Hello world.

Welcome to Summer Foodie, a blog where I will to chronicle my food exploits over the course of this coming summer of 2009 (and hopefully into the future).  I love cooking, particularly when I make things that make people say “wait, you can make that?” Yes you can, and many of the projects I want to take on this summer will fall into that category (smoked salmon, sake, sausage). The rest of my experiments, in fact most likely the majority, will fall into the “Here Lloyd, cook this” category that my Mom relies on when she brings back various fruits and vegetables from the farm she and my brother work on. This farm (check it out here) is one of my main sources for raw materials, especially during the summer when I can cull leftovers from the tri-weekly farmer’s market. Free AND delicious. To a much smaller extent I want to grow some of my own herbs and such, largely to supplement the produce from the farm and elsewhere.

I certainly welcome comments and suggestions from anyone who happens on this blog, give me a recipe or even a single ingredient and I’ll do my best to make something edible from it. I’m certainly not a chef, not even an amateur one, but I love the technique and culture of cooking, and certainly love a challenge. Finally, if you happen to know me personally I would love for you to eat some of the stuff I cook or help me with pictures, notes and the like. Hit me up.


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  1. Bennett

    Lloyd, this is quite dope. I would love to collaborate if you’re down. As for suggestions for recipes, check out the restaurant Tailor’s drink called The Waylon. Just smoked coca cola and bourbon. It was really good, and since you have a smoker…

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