Charred Jalapeños


I’m back from school and my dad made grilled red snapper for my first dinner home (so good), he had leftover jalapeños from the sauce and I remembered a technique for charring them over the stove.




Technique: adapted from Simply Recipes

Basically put the peppers on the stove and then let them get black. You definitely cannot do this over an electric stove since the flame is what causes the blackening action you’re looking for. See if you can get the peppers to sit on the stovetop about half an inch over a medium-high flame, but keep in mind that some parts (the ends probably) will cook faster and likely burn before the rest is cooked. Keep turning them so that as much of the pepper as possible is charred and blistering. Err on the side of overdone, but if the pepper catches on fire you should move or turn it. Once the entire thing is blackish, put it in paper bag for a few minutes to help loosen the skin.



When all your peppers are cooked, scrape the skin off with some combination of a knife (a dull one or the back side of a sharp one), paper towels and your fingers. Cut off the stem and split the pepper open from one side to remove the seeds and lighter fleshy parts.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do with these yet. I’m off to the farm later (post to come), maybe inspiration will strike. Suggestions?

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  1. Brad

    The blog and food look good. I’m excited to get home for the summer and hopefully consume some of these things you plan on making. Sake and smoked salmon seem like particularly good ideas.

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