I’m back. It’s been a hectic week, both good (got a cat!) and bad (got 20 stitches!).

Last week I was at Whole Foods with my mom and she put me in charge of the fish buying for the day (dangerous proposition) and I set out to find the strangest/least popular fish I could get my hands on. Unfortunately Whole Foods is pretty mainstream as far as health and organic food stores go, so I settled on whole red snapper. I had to argue with the guy so that I could scale and fillet them myself, since it’s not something I usually get to do and fits with my “know where your food comes from” philosophy.

To scale a fish you need some type of dull knife (I used a butter knife) and a large, easy to clean workspace, outside is preferable since you’ll be spraying scales all over a ten foot radius around you. Starting from the tail you simply scrape the knife over the fish in short, fairly firm strokes. If you hold the knife perpendicular to the fish’s skin and apply enough pressure the scales will start to peel/pop off the fish. Be careful how you hold the fish because often times the dorsal fin (on the fish’s back) has sharp spines that will almost certainly do some damage. You will be, without a doubt, covered in scales by the end of the process.

The filleting part was way more difficult and I won’t even try to explain it myself (my dad and I both filleted a fish each, and the results were mediocre at best). I googled “filleting fish” and read a few instructions before my attempt (this guy didn’t even scale it first, sweet).




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  1. Tifffffffff

    does your 20-stitch injury happen to be related to your fish’s dorsal fin?

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