Rhubarb (Part 3, I guess)

Straight up rhubarb

The rhubarb in my family’s front yard came to fruition a few days ago which meant that we had to harvest it. It’s not hard to pick rhubarb and requires only a sharp knife. Keep in mind that the leaves are poisonous to eat and are not fit for any kind of culinary experimentation. I ended up making a peach-rhubarb tart with sugar crust (a fantastic pate brisee recipe that I use is here) that was a little too tart but worked out perfectly with some panna cotta that I made a few days earlier. That’ll most certainly get a second attempt and a later post, as it was fantastic.



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  1. Tifffffffff

    i’m mildly obsessed with rhubarb now
    though i don’t exactly understand what it is

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