Hungry For Change? Food Inc.

Look out for Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Joel Salatin and others.

I saw a pre-release screening of the upcoming documentary Food Inc. a few days ago and although it fits squarely in with the material already seen in films like The Future of Food (it’s on Hulu!) and King Corn, it’s worth a watch, if only for the kickass graphic design and typography. The documentary covers industrial meat production, genetically engineered crops, Walmart, industrial organic and a whole slew of other topics related to food.

After the film there was a brief Q+A with the director Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser, consultant and author of the book Fast Food Nation. Both had fairly interesting things to say about their own experiences with investigative journalism into food issues and the pessimism brought about by industrial control over the industry (and the government’s revolving door relationship with the same corporations). It’s a tough issue and they handled it well.


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