Milkshakes are delicious- this much in life is certain.  But what to do when you’re craving a frosty, tasty milkshake and you don’t have any ice cream? Or a blender? Or hardly any time? Here is the answer to that age old dilemma.

The only necessary ingredients.

The only necessary ingredients.

In olden times, before some genius decided to throw ice cream in with milk to make a thicker, heavier milkshake, bygone milkshakes were composed of naught but a sweetener and some milk, shaken until frothy (thus the name).  Nowadays this practice has become uncommon thanks to the innovative addition of ice cream, but the technique still comes in handy when all you have on hand are milk and some sugar.  My roommate and I stumbled upon the method through a bit of luck one night when the milkshake craving hit us hard, and some subsequent research confirmed its legitimacy.  Here’s what to do.

Take whatever milk you have on hand, preferably about enough to fill your shaking vessel no more than 20-25% full, and remove the lid from the container.  As for variation among milks, 2% seems to work best with 1% at a close second, but skim and whole will also work (to go beyond our own exploration, try out the method with soy or rice milk).  Then pour directly into the milk container about 2-3 tablespoons of some sweetener.  Brown sugar seems to allow for the most frothing in the milk (and taste the best) but honey is also quite good.  Put the cap back on the container and shake the whole thing vigorously until the milk more than doubles in volume, as demonstrated in this progression (usually taking about 30 seconds of serious shaking).

Unshaken milk.

Unshaken milk.





The amount of milk shown here (shaken by the trusty Schwab) makes for about 3-4 substantially sized milkshakes.  If you have a few minutes beforehand, it helps to briefly chill the milk in the freezer (not too long though, for obvious reasons).  Also, this method leaves a lot of room for elaboration in the realm of flavor.  We’ve been doing basic sugar and milk, but there’s nothing stopping you from flavoring the shakes with more creative ingredients, even as simply as with some vanilla extract, cinnamon, or liquor.  Beware though, as it seems that the more additions you make to the milk, the less frothy it is capable of becoming.

This is the story of the one minute milkshake.  Tell your friends.





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3 responses to “Milkshakes!

  1. Tifffffffff

    hahahahahahh that’s not the itunes visualizer in the background of those pictures is it??

  2. Daniel Evan

    I tried this and it was yum-o

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