What I’ve Been Up To

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I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a ridiculously long time and the summer’s winding down and what will the Summer Foodie be without the summer? I’m sure it will continue into the fall and onward, as my co-writer Tyler and I will be living and cooking together at school.

This past weekend I did my first catering job. It was for a friend’s father’s birthday and the event was pretty low-key, but being my first such gig I was anxious and hopeful that my creations would be well-received. My portion of the menu was:

Appetizer Pizzas (9 total, assorted toppings), Squash+Mint salad with corn, Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad, Duck and Chicken Wraps Peking-Style, Bread Basket

All in all the event went incredibly well, a fortunate outcome given the time and sweat I had invested in baking 10 loaves of bread, wrestling poultry, and chopping mountains of vegetables (my technique has improved vastly and could be an interesting future post). Cooking food for people I had never met before was certainly a first and meeting a few of the guests afterwards was strangely professional and rewarding, assuming their compliments were sincere and not merely due to my lack of age or chef’s garb.

Finally, a quick rundown of the recipes:

Pizza: this could (and does) have books written about it. Hot oven, simple dough with a little olive oil, fresh toppings. Lots of course flour and a pizza peel and stone are musts.

Caprese, Baby!

Caprese, Baby!

Squash Salad: baby white squash, chopped mint, lemon juice, corn, slivered almonds, olive oil.

Pasta Salad: pasta (homemade if you’re feeling ambitious), grilled zucchini and tomatoes, cubed mozzarella, basil, tarragon, olive oil, pea shoots.

Duck/Chicken Wraps: rotisserie duck/chicken, flour pancakes, grilled sour plum jam, scallions.


Bread: baguettes, sourdough, herb focaccia.



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  1. Tifffffffff

    next task for pizza lloyd: dessert pizza?!

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