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World’s Greatest Sandwiches Part 1: Bread

The perfect sandwich bread

The perfect sandwich bread.

Do you like sandwiches?  I know that I do.  Do you know why?  Because I am a fucking human being, that’s why.  People and sandwiches have been getting along for a long time, and in a deep way.  If you don’t enjoy sandwiches, you might consider the likely possibility that you are not a human being.  They’re fast, convenient, ubiquitous, and come in countless forms.  So what’s not to like?  This post will be the first of two on the topic of sandwiches.  I mean this as a tribute to the ultimate everyman food, and a humble attempt to master it.  Here’s to sandwiches! Continue reading


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Milkshakes are delicious- this much in life is certain.  But what to do when you’re craving a frosty, tasty milkshake and you don’t have any ice cream? Or a blender? Or hardly any time? Here is the answer to that age old dilemma.

The only necessary ingredients.

The only necessary ingredients.

In olden times, before some genius decided to throw ice cream in with milk to make a thicker, heavier milkshake, bygone milkshakes were composed of naught but a sweetener and some milk, shaken until frothy (thus the name).  Nowadays this practice has become uncommon thanks to the innovative addition of ice cream, but the technique still comes in handy when all you have on hand are milk and some sugar.  My roommate and I stumbled upon the method through a bit of luck one night when the milkshake craving hit us hard, and some subsequent research confirmed its legitimacy.  Here’s what to do. Continue reading


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Eating in Color

Hey- I’m a guest writer on Summer Foodie and this is my first post. Big thanks to Lloyd for letting me join the fun

The finished dish.

The finished risotto noir.

I like foods that are colorful. This is an element of cooking that I think is, regrettably, often neglected by home chefs. Given that our first experience of every food is visual, I would argue that color should be taken seriously in planning any dish, even on a par with other elements like flavor and aroma. Of course, there are also those who claim that color-conscious eating is the secret to a healthy diet, and there’s much to be said about various colors’ effects on appetite (especially about colors that rarely occur naturally in food, like blue). Continue reading

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