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Snap Pea Linguine in Lemon Dressing

Making pasta from scratch is the freaking best, and really easy when you have a pasta roller. Let me stress this point, when you don’t have one the rolling process is a pain in the ass (though not impossible). To make any pasta you need a basic ratio of about 1.5 cups of flour (I used half semolina and half bread flour) to 2 large eggs, add a tablespoon of water and a little olive oil if they’re not large.

Start by blanching the peas, about half a cup shelled, in salted boiling water for about 15 seconds and then dropping them into an ice bath. They’ll have a much greener color than when you started, this is what you’re looking for. Blend these with whatever wet ingredients you’re working with and set aside.

Mix together the flour and about a teaspoon of salt then gradually incorporate the wet ingredients by making a well in the flour mixture and pouring already beaten eggs and peas into it. Work this into a ball and knead for about 10 minutes, the texture of the dough will change noticeably. Wrap the dough ball in plastic and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes for the flour to saturate, then run the dough through the pasta roller however you see fit. You could also roll it out to make a sheet for lasagne or some type of filled pasta, like ravioli. I’m thinking about making a chicken liver ravioli with some split pea or other green vegetable pasta shell.

Boil your fresh pasta immediately or freeze/dry it. It will cook a lot faster than store-bought dried pasta since it’s already properly hydrated. Really, the difference is astounding. I prepared this dish with a little lemon butter, some red-veined sorrel (great bitter lemon flavor) and chopped dill and parsley. Really fresh, spring-ey, green, and delicious.


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Can I get a what what?

It looks like this might be this season’s return of Summer Foodie, but I may be changing the name to something a little less season-specific. Who wants to cook only in the summer? I was in London for five months this semester and the only kitchen available to me was one of those microwave-single burner combos that allow you to cook pretty much nothing. So what did I do? I sat and ate and waited until I could return to my kitchen in the US and go absolutely crazy cooking some of the most random and ultimately delicious concoctions I could think up. Starting today, they’ll all be on here, as long as I can take a picture before they’re eaten or thrown in the garbage/compost with disgust. I’m also going to import some of the food-related posts that I wrote for a travel blog while globetrotting recently. Lots of pictures but little cooking ultimately. Oh well, I got to eat at some amazing restaurants and a few of Europe’s great food cultures. More to come on that. All that introductory stuff being said…let’s do this.

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The List (Preliminary)

For the past few weeks I’ve been jotting down a list of food projects I hope to tackle this summer. There will certainly be more to come, but here’s what I’ve got.

Sake: I heard you can make this at home with little more than rice and some fermenting agents from a food supply store or a good grocery. We’ll see.

Smoked Salmon/Whitefish: Among my all-time favorite foods. We have a family friend who’s moving and leaving his smoker with us, I’ll be smoking just about anything I can get my hands on…you know what I mean.

Sausage: I’ve wanted to make sausage from scratch for a while and my grandfather has all the necessary equipment to do it.

Sourdough Bread: I tried to make the starter at school but forgot about it and one of my roommates threw it out, I think I’ll leave it in the basement to ferment this time.

Bread (Yeast-free): The most old-school (I think) way of making bread is to use organisms naturally in the air instead of store-bought yeast, apparently the flavor changes depending on time of year and geographic location.

Pumpernickel: Why not?

Beef Heart: A South American delicacy, I’ve only had it once but I was so impressed by the flavor and texture that I made a mental note to try preparing the little marinated skewers.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes: In the sun!

Mole Sauce: The famous Mexican cocoa-based sauce. A personal favorite.

Kimchee: The Korean pickle.

Pizza: On the grill! Also neither of my parents eat wheat or dairy products, so I’ll be attempting some version of pizza that excludes those. Why? Because I can.

Pesto: All different types. My Mom plants a whole bunch of herbs in our backyard so I’ll be making use of those.

So that’s the list (v.1), more updates and comments to come as a research and start working on these recipes.

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Summer Foodie: Welcome!

Hello world.

Welcome to Summer Foodie, a blog where I will to chronicle my food exploits over the course of this coming summer of 2009 (and hopefully into the future).  I love cooking, particularly when I make things that make people say “wait, you can make that?” Yes you can, and many of the projects I want to take on this summer will fall into that category (smoked salmon, sake, sausage). The rest of my experiments, in fact most likely the majority, will fall into the “Here Lloyd, cook this” category that my Mom relies on when she brings back various fruits and vegetables from the farm she and my brother work on. This farm (check it out here) is one of my main sources for raw materials, especially during the summer when I can cull leftovers from the tri-weekly farmer’s market. Free AND delicious. To a much smaller extent I want to grow some of my own herbs and such, largely to supplement the produce from the farm and elsewhere.

I certainly welcome comments and suggestions from anyone who happens on this blog, give me a recipe or even a single ingredient and I’ll do my best to make something edible from it. I’m certainly not a chef, not even an amateur one, but I love the technique and culture of cooking, and certainly love a challenge. Finally, if you happen to know me personally I would love for you to eat some of the stuff I cook or help me with pictures, notes and the like. Hit me up.

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