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Can I get a what what?

It looks like this might be this season’s return of Summer Foodie, but I may be changing the name to something a little less season-specific. Who wants to cook only in the summer? I was in London for five months this semester and the only kitchen available to me was one of those microwave-single burner combos that allow you to cook pretty much nothing. So what did I do? I sat and ate and waited until I could return to my kitchen in the US and go absolutely crazy cooking some of the most random and ultimately delicious concoctions I could think up. Starting today, they’ll all be on here, as long as I can take a picture before they’re eaten or thrown in the garbage/compost with disgust. I’m also going to import some of the food-related posts that I wrote for a travel blog while globetrotting recently. Lots of pictures but little cooking ultimately. Oh well, I got to eat at some amazing restaurants and a few of Europe’s great food cultures. More to come on that. All that introductory stuff being said…let’s do this.


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